GF  Gluten Free        |         GFA  Gluten Free Available       |        DF  Dairy Free 
DFA  Dairy Free Available      |        V  Vegetarian option


Garlic Pizza$12.90
Garlic pizza with Aioli & Cheese$15.90
chicken tacos$15.90
with Coleslaw, Chipotle Aioli & Salsa
Vegetarian Tacos$15.90
with cauliflour bites, coleslaw, chipotle aioli & salsa
Crispy Salt & Pepper Squid$13.90
Served w sweet chilli dipping sauce
Mussel Pot$28.90
1kg of steamed mussels served with a whitw wine and lemon reduction and a side of sourdough bread


Hollandaise steak $37.90
250g of sirlion steak with sauteed red onion,roasted garlic potatoes, broccolini and holladise sauce
Hollandaise Chicken$32.90
250g of chicken with sauteed red onion, mushrooms, rosted garlic potatoes, broccolini and hollandaise sauce.
Lamp Rump$36.90
served with Rosemary polenta chips, chorizo & vegetable ratatouille in red wine jus
Sticky BBQ Ribs 1kg$38.90
sticky pork ribs with coleslaw & chips
Sticky BBQ Ribs 500g$28.90
Sticky pork ribs with coleslaw & chips
Fish & Chips $27.90
Panfried or battered dory served with chips, seasonal salad & Tartare sauce
Pasta of the Day$20.00
see the chefs special board
vegetarian option avaliable
Beef & Bean Nachos $19
with grilled cheese, salsa & sourcream
Works Wedges $18.90
served with bacon, grilled cheese, sweet chilli & sourcream
Works kumara Fries $19.90
served with bacon, grilled cheese, sweet chilli & sour cream


Ironique salad:$26.90
tomato, feta, pumpkin seeds with mixed green salad, beetroot relish, lemon salsa, drizzled with aioli dressing with your choice of:
  • pan fried haloumi
  • grilled chicked
  • marinated beef
  • grilled prawns
  • salt & pepper squid
Horsemans Burger$25
double beef pattie, cheese,salad greens,tomato & smoked BBQ sauce.
Lipsey Burger$25
Grilled chicken,camembert,bacon,saladd greens,onion jam & plum sauce
Domain Burger (vegan)$25
plant based pattie with salad greens,beetroot relish,onion jam, tomato & vegan mayonnaise


Desserts menu is provided on blackboard for tonight's treats.